What is Astropay Card?


One of the payment methods is Astropay. With prepaid virtual card AstroPay, you can make your payments without having to share your personal information with third parties on shopping, games and betting sites. Astropay is highlighted with its simplicity and security.

The 16-digit card allows you to deposit by credit card and load money to the Astropay instantly. You can use the card code on your shopping, game and betting sites to make payments for your shopping card with the amount you have determined after you deposit.

What is Astropay used for?

With AstroPay you can secure yourself and also complete your purchases without risking all your money, as you have purchased AstroPay in the amount you specify.

Astropay is a prepaid virtual card designed and developed to help you make the fastest and safest shopping. Once you have used Astropay, you will get rid of the old payment methods. Astropay is the most advantageous way to make your purchases before you have a question mark on the Internet.