How to buy vouchers?

Prepaid online payment cards keep our information safe and make our lives easier with a system that offers the most convenient payment journey. You can safely use one of our cards on online shopping and gaming sites.

  • Register

    Buy best-selling vouchers with a single account.

  • Select your voucher

    Select the amount and value of the card you wish to purchase. You can process your payment by choosing one of the existing prepayment methods.

  • Make payments

    Prepayment methods include Fast Bank Transfer and Instant Banking.

How to use virtual vouchers?

Forget the payment methods you knew before! You can use vouchers without hesitation to keep your personal information safe....


To purchase your payment card, sign up and choose the card you want.

Select your voucher

You will only be asked for your 16-digit card number and the balance in Euros on your virtual card.

Make payments

Check and confirm the details of your transaction. That's it!

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