How to get a Astropay Card?

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You can choose one or more of the AstroPay packages of the value. It will then be required for you to make a payment in USD of your card with either a wire transfer or EFT payment method. All of this will only take a few minutes. Once you complete your AstroPay purchase process, you will have the digital code of your AstroPay card within a maximum of 10 minutes. You can then make payments on shopping, gaming and betting sites with confidence.

Buy Astropay Card

You may not want to share it with shopping sites. With Astropay, you will not have to get another alternative solution any more. On our website, buy Astropay you may have your virtual prepaid card quickly and easily, and you can perform freely and purchases.

Banks That You Can Buy Astropay

We are always with you. You can make a transfer via internet banking and ATMs 7/24. It is also possible to pay by EFT during weekday working hours