What is Cashlib Card?


If you do not want to share your personal information and credit card information with third parties in your online purchases, the quickest and most advantageous way to use it for your payments is with Cashlib Card. With Cashlib Card, you can buy products and services through hundreds of available sites.

What is Cashlib used for?

Having a Cashlib Card is very easy. You can get it after you pay for your Cashlib Card. Once you create your payment, you will a 16-digit code of your CashLib Card. You can use this code as a payment method on the site where you want to perform your purchases. Once it is used, it will lose its validity. The amount of your card is determined by you, and you are safe with your single-use code. You can quickly and securely make purchases with the Cashlib Card without sharing your personal information with your shopping sites. Once you use Cashlib Card, the latest prepaid payment method, you will be able to make other payment methods.