In the Internet world where online shopping is increasing day by day, the use of prepaid virtual cards, which are alternative payment methods to payment by credit card and bank account, is becoming widespread. Without sharing your personal information with third parties, you can quickly and securely make purchases with the prepayment virtual card Paykasa Card .

What Can Paykasa Be Used for?

Paykasa, as your reseller, which you can obtain through our site, will have many advantages for your purchases. The Paykasa Card is a virtual card. Once you have made your purchase, you will have the 16-digit code of your Paykasa Card. This code is single-use and only belongs to you and is specific to you. Paykasa Card is a payment method with a wide range of usage. With the code you have, you can make payments on the site where you want to make your purchases. Your Paykasa Card will lose validity after you use your code and pay for it. For this reason, you can quickly and easily make online purchases without sharing your bank and credit card information and being under any security threats.